Falconry UK Brownie, Cub & Scout Visits

Falconry UK School Visits

Our Brownie, Cub & Scout Visits are Very Popular and Second to None. 

Falconry UK Presentations are run by Experienced and Professional Falconers with a Passion for the Birds that will thrill everyone.... our Birds will Melt their Hearts.

During the Talk you will get the chance to get Up Close and Personal with All of our Birds, and get the opportunity in holding them..

The Talk is Presented in a light hearted manor but still giving education on these wonderful birds to everyone involved.

We can bring along a range of Birds of Prey including.

Eagles, Falcons, Hawks and Owls. From the very smallest owl to one of the largest owls in the world.



Many of our Birds you will never see anywhere else on display in the UK.

We have 2 Simple Options for you to choose from depending on your needs.


Option 1 - Educational Talk

We will bring along around 6-8 Birds of Prey including, Eagles, Vultures, Hawks, Falcons, Kites and Owls (Depending on Size of Hall) in Travelling Boxes, bring them out one at a time and give an Educational Talk.

Of Course they can get to Hold our Birds too...

During the Talk we will Talk About:

Anatomy, Habitat, Camouflage, Flight, Diet etc...

We will also bring along and show, Skulls, Feathers, Talons, Eggs and Bird 'Pellets' (Undigested Parts of their Food Formed into a Cast)...


1 x 60 minute Session - £95.00 (2 x 30 minute sessions if preferred)

2 x 60 minute Session - £125.00

Half Day Visit - £195.00

Full Day Visit - £245.00 


Option 2 - Full Static Educational Display and Talk - This Option Is For Outdoors Events

We will bring along around 8-10 Birds of Prey including, Eagles, Vultures, Hawks, Falcons, Kites and Owls, set them out on display indoors or outdoors... We can provide 5m x 4m Astroturf for indoor setups, so there is no mess... and a Gazebo for outdoor setups, if needed.

(There is an extra charge for bringing the Gazebo.. £30 or you can supply your own)

For Outdoor Events etc.. We can 'Off Set' most of our costs by offering Bird Handling with a Photograh Opportunity, please contact us to discuss this further.


Half Day Visit - £195.00

Full Day Visit - £245.00 

Why Not Add Our Photograph Package

All of our Birds are Hand Reared and can be Handled by All Ages, even our Larger Ones....

If wanted the Children can get up close and personal with our Amazing Birds and get a Photograph holding one of them, using a Leather Gauntlet (glove).

Photographs are done by Ourselves, Printed within 7 Days and Delivered back to your School.

You will also have 'PRIVATE' Access to our Online Photo Vault which will be available for you and No One Else to View and Download, 3 Days after our Visit.

£3.00 Per Child Per Bird Payable on the Day (When Purchased with one of the Above Options)

Falconry UK School Visits 

Don't Take Our Word For It !


St Bernadette's School - Pentwyn, Cardiff

"Our Nursery and Reception children had been sharing the storybooks 'Owl Babies' by Martin Waddell and 'The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark' by Jill Tomlinson. They were really keen to find out more about owls.
When Falconry UK arrived at the school, we were very impressed by how well organised they were. They set up quickly, bringing all the equipment required. 
Jason spoke to the children at their level, adding in interesting details for the staff. He was more than happy to answer any questions we had and was very knowledgeable and professional. His respect and love for the birds in his care was obvious to all, even the children responding well and show no fear when handling the birds (owls, hawks and falcons).
Even the youngest children were enthralled for the whole session and the visit created huge amounts of discussion and sparked lots of creative activities on our 'Owl' theme.
We would highly recommend Falconry UK to all educational settings and we can't wait for our next visit."

Katharine Hinds-Payne - Nursery Teacher


Of Course We Are Fully Insured and Have a Current 'Performing Animal Licence'.

Risk Assessments are Also Available if Required.


Please Contact Us As We Can Tailor What We Offer To Suit You.

Telephone - 0844 504 7742 or 07761 858672 for More Information

or Email Us at - admin@falconry-uk.org